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Issue 35 – March 2014

New regulations keep being added to Canada’s tax system. In this month’s newsletter we look at two recent items that may require your attention.

You’ve likely heard the news that changes have been made to Old Age Security. For those retiring in the next few years, a decision on when to start receiving Old Age Security will have to be made.

New regulations and reporting are now in effect for foreign owned property, which generally includes investments like rental properties and foreign stocks. You’ll find more details in the article below.

April 30 is fast approaching. That’s the final date to file your 2013 return. If you haven’t started yet, now’s the time to get your records organized. We’re here to provide expert advice, complete and file your return, and make sure you take advantage of all the tax deductions and credits you’re legally entitled to.

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The 2012 Federal Budget introduced provisions whereby an individual can delay receiving their OAS for up to five years after age 65. Commencing July 1, 2013, a compensation of 0.6% per month of delay is provided to compensate for the deferral of the OAS pension payments.

This flexibility may permit a person to reduce, or eliminate, the OAS clawback by deferring the receipt of the OAS until the income of the person is below the net income threshold ($70,954 for 2013).

In general, the taxpayer does not need to take any specific action to defer commencement of the OAS receipts. The person simply would not apply for OAS until he or she wishes to receive the payment. An OAS application may be retroactive to as much as eleven months.

Note that the Government may send a letter notifying a 64 year old individual of the ability to apply for the OAS at age 65.

Consideration Item: An individual who has received OAS benefits for less than six months may cancel the benefits and begin the deferral by paying back the total OAS received. This could apply even if the individual has not received any net OAS payments because of a full clawback.


FOREIGN PROPERTY: New Information Needed

Corporations and individuals holding “Specified Foreign Property” (which generally includes investment assets like rental properties or foreign stocks) with a cost of $100,000 or more must complete and submit a T1135 – Foreign Income Verification Statement. A new version of this Form, which requires significantly more detailed information, was released on June 25, 2013. The name and location of the investment, the maximum cost amount in the year, the cost at year-end, the income (or loss) in the year, and any gain (or loss) on disposal must be reported. Each of these items needs to be reported on an investment-by-investment basis. For example, information relating to each of the stocks within a brokerage account would need to be reported (as opposed to details on the brokerage account as a whole). An exemption from the detailed level of reporting is available if income from the investment is reported on a T5 or T3 Slip.

The federal government also announced a three year extension of the normal allowable reassessment period where this Form is not filed when required, or the required information is not properly disclosed.

Action Item:If foreign investments are held, prepare a summary of investments including the aforementioned components to reduce the accounting costs associated with the additional disclosures.


WEB TIPS: CRA’s YouTube Channel

The CRA hosts a YouTube channel which provides a wide range of short video clips on various personal tax topics. The video clips are generally basic and easy to understand. Some of the topics include: Children’s Fitness Tax Credit, E- services for Individuals, Pension Income Splitting, and Direct Deposit. To find the channel, go to and search for “CRA Channel”.


TAX TICKLER … a quick point to consider…

Receiving government loans can reduce Scientific Research and Experimental Development Credits.

If you need guidance on this, contact us for further details and planning possibilities.


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