The ‘Insider Series’ – Donna Mazerolle Webinars

There’s the ‘school of hard knocks’ and than there are short cuts, where insider information saves you years of time and a lot of hard earned money from trying to figure it out for yourself.

That’s what we do in our webinars; give you the short cuts to critical information that help you build a stronger and more profitable business as quickly as possible.

We’ve made the recordings available for those that didn’t have the opportunity to attend the live event, and for the many requests from those that did attend -asking that we make the recordings available so they could review the presentation again.

Each webinar video is approximately 1 hour in length. As you listen in and view the video, have a pen and notepad ready. You’re bound to come up with new ways of looking at your business.

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Enjoy and we hope you’ll attend our next live series of webinars.

Managing Cash Flow

You can have a profitable business and still not have enough cash to pay your bills.
In this webinar, Donna reveals:

  • Capital Funds/Working Capital
  • Inventory and how it affects cash
  • How to avoid inventory mistakes
  • Managing accounts receivable
  • The problem with personal use of business funds


Creating and Managing Your Business Strategy

In this webinar, Donna reveals:

  • How to create a business strategy, and why you need one
  • The Strategic Link you need when creating your strategy
  • A key question most business owners never ask themselves
  • The pieces of the puzzle that make up a business strategy
  • How unexpected growth can capsize your business
  • plus real life examples from real businesses


Maximizing Profits

In this webinar, Donna reveals:

  • How to factor sales projections into your forecast
  • The reason for low sales
  • How to evaluate your competition
  • Common mistakes when calculating Product/Service costs
  • Pricing guidelines to ensure you’re business is profitable
  • plus much more


How to Get Your Lender to Say “Yes”

In this webinar, Donna reveals:

  • The key metrics a lender will measure your lending request by;
  • The best time to apply for credit or additional financing;
  • How your industry sector influences your loan application;
  • What to do if you’re turned down;
  • The documents you’ll need to support your loan request;
  • Where and how to get loan guarantees of up to $875,000;
  • What a lender sees when he/she reviews your documents;
  • plus much more.