Accounting & Tax Services

The Value of Having Donna Mazerolle & Associates Manage Your Accounting.

Having up-to-date financial records is a necessity in today’s fast moving business world.

Donna Mazerolle & Associates has highly experienced professionals in all aspects of accounting, and can assist you with any shareholder, bank, or government, shareholder related requirements.

Operating your business requires more than a set of financial statements and reports; we understand this. As our client, not only will you benefit from our financial expertise, you will also have the benefit of regular access to general business advice, understanding and insight into your financial statements, and guidance on important business decisions. Our accounting services allow you to focus on serving clients and growing your business. In other words, doing what you do best.

We have significant experience working with private companies ranging in size from startups to long term, which allows us to customize our approach based on your business size and individual needs.

We offer the following accounting services:
  • Corporate tax return (T2) preparation;
  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requests;
  • Regular payroll calculations and remittances;
  • Holding company structuring;
  • Financial Statements
  • Salary vs. dividend consideration;
  • HST return filing; and
  • Coordinating corporate income tax inquiries and government audits.